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The Varga Quartett Wien was founded in 2007 and is one of the most remarkable contemporary quartets in Vienna. These four talented musicians have completed their university studies with honors at several renowned European universities of music in Vienna, Graz, Basel and Bratislava with professors such as Herbert Kefer, Othmar Muller (Artis Quartett Wien), Reiner Schmidt (Hagen Quartett), Dalibor Karvay (Konzertmeister Wiener Symphoniker) and Eszter Haffner, convincing their audiences about their musical talent and the high level of their artistic performance.

The quartet debuted in 2008 at the Slovak Festival of Contemporary Music "SOOZVUK", where it premiered compositions by Slovak composers. The first significant success came in 2010, when the ensemble won the "absolute winner" award at the “Slovak Conservatory Competition”. The ensemble has performed several concerts in Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and China. However, its members perform not only as chamber musicians but also as soloists on domestic and international stages. 


The Varga Quartett Wien regularly collaborates with artists such as Gottfried Boisits (Wiener Philharmoniker), Róbert Kiss (Slovak Philharmonic), Mario Hossen, Liliana Kehayova, Paganini Ensemble and others. 

Das Varga Quartett Wien spielt regelmäßig an der Seite von Künstlerinnen und Künstlern, wie Othmar Müller (Artis Quartett Wien), Christopher Devine, Norbert Amon,  Mario Hossen, Liliana Kehayova, den Mitgliedern des Paganini Ensembles, Gottfried Boisits (Wiener Philharmoniker), Filip Štrauch, Róbert Kiss (Slowakische Philharmonie) sowie etlichen weiteren.

Das Ensemble zeichnet sich insbesondere durch seine originelle und brillante Interpretation der Wiener Klassik, als auch der Werke späterer Komponisten, wie Franz Schubert, aus.

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